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Additional Colours
- Pricing for Custom bibs includes one standard colour.
- $0.04 for each additional colour. Plus a $25 set-up charge.
Any quantity $0.04 CAD/number
Back Printing

Suggested uses:
  • Medical contact information, maps, discount coupons

- Add printing on the back of the bib. Many events add medical information, maps, sponsors or discount coupons to the back of the bibs.
- This cost is $0.05 per bib plus $25 for one colour printing
Any quantity $0.05 CAD/number
Full Colour Printing
- Have your logos printed in full/multi colour to create that professional look
- Unlimited number of colours
- Allow 4-5 weeks for delivery
- This cost is $0.09 per bib plus $25 set-up fee.
Any quantity $0.09 CAD/number
Personalized Names

Suggested uses:
  • High quality events where spectators may only know contender names

- Add the athletes name to the bib
- Names and corresponding bib number must be sent in an excel file
- Allow 4-5 weeks for delivery
- This cost is $0.05 per bib plus $25 set-up fee
Any quantity $0.05 CAD/number
- This can speed up the results process
- 3 of 9 style barcodes available in sticker format. Customer must apply sticker to bib number.
- $0.05 per barcode
Any quantity $0.05 CAD/number
Flood Coat

Suggested uses:
  • When many events, age groups, or position groups need to be differentiated, in any sport.

- Flood Coating is the process of colouring the front of the bib. Bibs are normally white but this process will now make the bib any colour you choose.
- This could be beneficial for age catagories or any other way to differentiate groups within an event
- This cost is $0.05 per bib plus $25 per colour
Any quantity $0.05 CAD/number
Strip Flood
- Similar to Flood Coating except that only the middle portion of the bib is coloured.
- The top and bottom are still white.
- This cost is $0.05 per bib plus $25 per colour
Any quantity $0.05 CAD/number
Our Products
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Plain Stock Bibs
The most basic and economical bibs available. Black numbers on white bibs.
  Custom Bibs
Customize your bibs to make them stand out. Include sponsor logos, event logos, event names, multiple colours etc.
  Hip Numbers
Sticky numbers (0-19) used primarily for Track and Field lane assignments.
  Safety Pins
Don't forget to order pins. Get all your race day needs in one place.

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